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Why is so called corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal silent nowadays?

Citizens of the country must be wondering that usually the ‘motormouth’ and known for his fierce proclamations, how is Arvind Kejriwal silent nowadays? What is


All you need to know about Indira Canteens

Highlights: Karnataka government launches “Indira Canteens” aimed at providing hygienic and subsidized low price meal INC VP Mr. Rahul Gandhi slips of Indira canteen as Amma canteen

Gujarat Election

What went wrong with BJP in the Gujarat Rajya Sabha Elections?

How did the Rajya Sabha Elections in Gujarat go? The Gujarat Rajya Sabha Elections were held on 8th August 2017. The previous three members of the


Independence Day Special – Part 3 : The First General Election and After

The third and the last article of the Independence Day Special will cover the First General Election and after. We will throw some light on

First General Election

Independence Day Special – Part 2 : The Road to the First General Election

The second article of the Independence Day Special will throw some light on the establishment of the Election Commission of India. Starting with that we